Security System Home Owners Insurance Discount

Most Insurance providers provide a discount for home owners with a home security system.

Most home owners that I have met did not even know this was available to them. I have seen homes that actually paid less for their monitoring than the savings that they received from their insurance provider.

Insurance companies have been known to give discounts as high as 20% to customers with alarm systems with monitoring in place. Insurance companies deem the risk in insuring a client to be less if you have a home security system, since you are less apt to be burglarized to begin with. Upon installing your home alarm, your security company will give you signs for your home, letting  criminals know your house is alarmed. These signs are effective as crime deterrents, and those burglars who aren’t deterred by the signage tend to steal less upon entry after tripping security alarms. Fire detectors and Medical Pendants may also be installed for additional insurance savings. All of this translates into savings for the insurance company, which they are willing to pass on to you to get your business.

Logically, since all insurance companies are interested in lowering the number of claims they must process, they will be willing to grant significant discounts to homeowners that implement an monitored home security system. Each insurance provider will have its own specific definitions concerning the kind of security they require their customers to install to be eligible for discounts. Different companies may provide different discounts.

2) Increased Home Value

Aside from protecting your home, family and valuables, installing a home security system will add lasting value to your house. It is a long-term investment that will pay off down the road. Remember, the cost of purchasing and installing security alarms costs just a small fraction of the value of your home. Keep in mind that you’re likely to get back what you spent for it when you sell, since a home alarm system is an attractive selling point your real estate agent can use if you place your home on the market.

It’s important to note that security alarms probably won’t cost as much as you think, especially when the insurance benefit is factored in. It’s true that today’s home security systems are more elaborate and advanced than ever before. However, if you live in a normal home, you probably will not need to purchase the most advanced system on the market to get reliable home protection. As a type of technology improves and becomes easier to manufacture, it also becomes cheaper.

While there are many minor things you can do to let your insurance company know your house is protected, the single most effective way is to implement a home security system with active monitoring from a service provider—such as ADT. Companies like ADT monitor your home alarm system 24/7 and react quickly to many kinds of emergency situations. They can detect an intruder, a fire, and even dangerous contaminants such as carbon monoxide, and gas. The more dangers that your home is protected from the more likely it is that you will receive a sizeable discount from your insurance company.

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